Vise and Shelf

Holy crap.  I am a lazy blogger.

Since I offset my top a little too much to the right, I was left having to install the face vise on the inside of the left leg.  Not really what I wanted to do, since installing it on the outside would let me clamp against the leg.  The vise is a low-rent chinese model that I purchased from woodcraft for my old bench.  Not super smooth, but it holds.  I also added the deadman, which is made of the last remaining piece of wood from my original bench.  I felt it was a nice touch.  However, boring 8 year old doug pine was a splintery disaster.


That’s the raw deadman sitting on the bench, with the two “legs”, before I milled it out.  I then went and added a shelf underneath and put some decorative stopped chamfers on the deadman.  The shelf was simple construction 1X10’s that I got at the home store. They’re shiplapped and then screwed to a 1X1 ledger nailed to the stretchers and the legs.  I put a decorative bead on the shelf.

At this point.  We’re done!  I still have to flatten the top again as the front leg shoulders were slightly proud of the back shoulders and the top slants inward from both the front and back by a little less than a 1/16.

This was a pretty intense process and the home of a lot of firsts.  First mortise and tenon joints and first drawbores.  Not my first glue-ups, but the first with sooo many.  The scale of the joints was physically intense and I was definitely sore after doing this.  Looking forward to making the next project much smaller and lighter.


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